Welcome to Westminster Insight

Organising politically neutral, conferences, seminars and roundtables, Westminster Insight is here to provide a platform for open and transparent dialogue on the key issues facing Westminster.

Our events are informed via consultation with Parliamentarians, Government departments and the private and third sectors who assist us by providing insight on the subjects and (if we are fortunate) a gentle nudge on the best time to hold the conference.

We are independent, decisions on the shape of the agenda, who is invited (either to speak or attend) as well as all other editorial decisions remain with Westminster Insight. The core principle always: hit the right subjects, with the right contributors, at the right time.

Todays featured events
Energy, Environment, Technology and Transport

Smarter Power Grid Forum

Friday 25th January 2019

Zone 1, Central London

Health and Social Care, and Older People's Services

NHS Recruitment Briefing

Friday 1st February 2019

Zone 1, Central London